3 Clubs 4 Diamonds King Hearts Poker flop board - 3c4dKh

Show poker flop neatly

High Cards

Ace high 23%

•AQ (16)
Ace Queen -'Big Chick'
AcQc Ace Clubs, Queen Clubs
AdQdAce Diamonds, Queen Diamonds
AhQh Ace Hearts, Queen Hearts
AsQs Ace Spades, Queen Spades
AcQd Ace Clubs Queen Diamonds
AcQh Ace Clubs Queen Hearts
AcQs Ace Clubs Queen Spades
AdQc Ace Diamonds Queen Clubs
AdQh Ace Diamonds Queen Hearts
AdQs Ace Diamonds Queen Spades
AhQc Ace Hearts Queen Clubs
AhQd Ace Hearts Queen Diamonds
AhQs Ace Hearts Queen Spades
AsQc Ace Spades Queen Clubs
AsQd Ace Spades Queen Diamonds
AsQh Ace Spades Queen Hearts
•AJ (16)
Ace Jack -'Black Jack'
AcJc Ace Clubs, Jack Clubs
AdJdAce Diamonds, Jack Diamonds
AhJh Ace Hearts, Jack Hearts
AsJs Ace Spades, Jack Spades
AcJd Ace Clubs Jack Diamonds
AcJh Ace Clubs Jack Hearts
AcJs Ace Clubs Jack Spades
AdJc Ace Diamonds Jack Clubs
AdJh Ace Diamonds Jack Hearts
AdJs Ace Diamonds Jack Spades
AhJc Ace Hearts Jack Clubs
AhJd Ace Hearts Jack Diamonds
AhJs Ace Hearts Jack Spades
AsJc Ace Spades Jack Clubs
AsJd Ace Spades Jack Diamonds
AsJh Ace Spades Jack Hearts
•AT (16)
Ace Ten
AcTc Ace Clubs, Ten Clubs
AdTdAce Diamonds, Ten Diamonds
AhTh Ace Hearts, Ten Hearts
AsTs Ace Spades, Ten Spades
AcTd Ace Clubs Ten Diamonds
AcTh Ace Clubs Ten Hearts
AcTs Ace Clubs Ten Spades
AdTc Ace Diamonds Ten Clubs
AdTh Ace Diamonds Ten Hearts
AdTs Ace Diamonds Ten Spades
AhTc Ace Hearts Ten Clubs
AhTd Ace Hearts Ten Diamonds
AhTs Ace Hearts Ten Spades
AsTc Ace Spades Ten Clubs
AsTd Ace Spades Ten Diamonds
AsTh Ace Spades Ten Hearts
•A9 (16)
Ace 9
Ac9c Ace Clubs, 9 Clubs
Ad9dAce Diamonds, 9 Diamonds
Ah9h Ace Hearts, 9 Hearts
As9s Ace Spades, 9 Spades
Ac9d Ace Clubs 9 Diamonds
Ac9h Ace Clubs 9 Hearts
Ac9s Ace Clubs 9 Spades
Ad9c Ace Diamonds 9 Clubs
Ad9h Ace Diamonds 9 Hearts
Ad9s Ace Diamonds 9 Spades
Ah9c Ace Hearts 9 Clubs
Ah9d Ace Hearts 9 Diamonds
Ah9s Ace Hearts 9 Spades
As9c Ace Spades 9 Clubs
As9d Ace Spades 9 Diamonds
As9h Ace Spades 9 Hearts
•A8 (16)
Ace 8 -'Dead Mans Hand'
Ac8c Ace Clubs, 8 Clubs
Ad8dAce Diamonds, 8 Diamonds
Ah8h Ace Hearts, 8 Hearts
As8s Ace Spades, 8 Spades
Ac8d Ace Clubs 8 Diamonds
Ac8h Ace Clubs 8 Hearts
Ac8s Ace Clubs 8 Spades
Ad8c Ace Diamonds 8 Clubs
Ad8h Ace Diamonds 8 Hearts
Ad8s Ace Diamonds 8 Spades
Ah8c Ace Hearts 8 Clubs
Ah8d Ace Hearts 8 Diamonds
Ah8s Ace Hearts 8 Spades
As8c Ace Spades 8 Clubs
As8d Ace Spades 8 Diamonds
As8h Ace Spades 8 Hearts
•A7 (16)
Ace 7
Ac7c Ace Clubs, 7 Clubs
Ad7dAce Diamonds, 7 Diamonds
Ah7h Ace Hearts, 7 Hearts
As7s Ace Spades, 7 Spades
Ac7d Ace Clubs 7 Diamonds
Ac7h Ace Clubs 7 Hearts
Ac7s Ace Clubs 7 Spades
Ad7c Ace Diamonds 7 Clubs
Ad7h Ace Diamonds 7 Hearts
Ad7s Ace Diamonds 7 Spades
Ah7c Ace Hearts 7 Clubs
Ah7d Ace Hearts 7 Diamonds
Ah7s Ace Hearts 7 Spades
As7c Ace Spades 7 Clubs
As7d Ace Spades 7 Diamonds
As7h Ace Spades 7 Hearts
•A6 (16)
Ace 6
Ac6c Ace Clubs, 6 Clubs
Ad6dAce Diamonds, 6 Diamonds
Ah6h Ace Hearts, 6 Hearts
As6s Ace Spades, 6 Spades
Ac6d Ace Clubs 6 Diamonds
Ac6h Ace Clubs 6 Hearts
Ac6s Ace Clubs 6 Spades
Ad6c Ace Diamonds 6 Clubs
Ad6h Ace Diamonds 6 Hearts
Ad6s Ace Diamonds 6 Spades
Ah6c Ace Hearts 6 Clubs
Ah6d Ace Hearts 6 Diamonds
Ah6s Ace Hearts 6 Spades
As6c Ace Spades 6 Clubs
As6d Ace Spades 6 Diamonds
As6h Ace Spades 6 Hearts
•A5 (16) *
Ace 5
Ac5c Ace Clubs, 5 Clubs
Ad5dAce Diamonds, 5 Diamonds
Ah5h Ace Hearts, 5 Hearts
As5s Ace Spades, 5 Spades
Ac5d Ace Clubs 5 Diamonds
Ac5h Ace Clubs 5 Hearts
Ac5s Ace Clubs 5 Spades
Ad5c Ace Diamonds 5 Clubs
Ad5h Ace Diamonds 5 Hearts
Ad5s Ace Diamonds 5 Spades
Ah5c Ace Hearts 5 Clubs
Ah5d Ace Hearts 5 Diamonds
Ah5s Ace Hearts 5 Spades
As5c Ace Spades 5 Clubs
As5d Ace Spades 5 Diamonds
As5h Ace Spades 5 Hearts
•A2 (16) *
Ace 2
Ac2c Ace Clubs, 2 Clubs
Ad2dAce Diamonds, 2 Diamonds
Ah2h Ace Hearts, 2 Hearts
As2s Ace Spades, 2 Spades
Ac2d Ace Clubs 2 Diamonds
Ac2h Ace Clubs 2 Hearts
Ac2s Ace Clubs 2 Spades
Ad2c Ace Diamonds 2 Clubs
Ad2h Ace Diamonds 2 Hearts
Ad2s Ace Diamonds 2 Spades
Ah2c Ace Hearts 2 Clubs
Ah2d Ace Hearts 2 Diamonds
Ah2s Ace Hearts 2 Spades
As2c Ace Spades 2 Clubs
As2d Ace Spades 2 Diamonds
As2h Ace Spades 2 Hearts

Queen high 15%

•Q6s (4)
Queen 6 suited
Qc6c Queen Clubs, 6 Clubs
Qd6dQueen Diamonds, 6 Diamonds
Qh6h Queen Hearts, 6 Hearts
Qs6s Queen Spades, 6 Spades
•Q5s (4)
Queen 5 suited
Qc5c Queen Clubs, 5 Clubs
Qd5dQueen Diamonds, 5 Diamonds
Qh5h Queen Hearts, 5 Hearts
Qs5s Queen Spades, 5 Spades
•Q2s (4)
Queen 2 suited
Qc2c Queen Clubs, 2 Clubs
Qd2dQueen Diamonds, 2 Diamonds
Qh2h Queen Hearts, 2 Hearts
Qs2s Queen Spades, 2 Spades
•QJ (16)
Queen Jack
QcJc Queen Clubs, Jack Clubs
QdJdQueen Diamonds, Jack Diamonds
QhJh Queen Hearts, Jack Hearts
QsJs Queen Spades, Jack Spades
QcJd Queen Clubs Jack Diamonds
QcJh Queen Clubs Jack Hearts
QcJs Queen Clubs Jack Spades
QdJc Queen Diamonds Jack Clubs
QdJh Queen Diamonds Jack Hearts
QdJs Queen Diamonds Jack Spades
QhJc Queen Hearts Jack Clubs
QhJd Queen Hearts Jack Diamonds
QhJs Queen Hearts Jack Spades
QsJc Queen Spades Jack Clubs
QsJd Queen Spades Jack Diamonds
QsJh Queen Spades Jack Hearts
•QT (16)
Queen Ten
QcTc Queen Clubs, Ten Clubs
QdTdQueen Diamonds, Ten Diamonds
QhTh Queen Hearts, Ten Hearts
QsTs Queen Spades, Ten Spades
QcTd Queen Clubs Ten Diamonds
QcTh Queen Clubs Ten Hearts
QcTs Queen Clubs Ten Spades
QdTc Queen Diamonds Ten Clubs
QdTh Queen Diamonds Ten Hearts
QdTs Queen Diamonds Ten Spades
QhTc Queen Hearts Ten Clubs
QhTd Queen Hearts Ten Diamonds
QhTs Queen Hearts Ten Spades
QsTc Queen Spades Ten Clubs
QsTd Queen Spades Ten Diamonds
QsTh Queen Spades Ten Hearts
•Q9 (16)
Queen 9
Qc9c Queen Clubs, 9 Clubs
Qd9dQueen Diamonds, 9 Diamonds
Qh9h Queen Hearts, 9 Hearts
Qs9s Queen Spades, 9 Spades
Qc9d Queen Clubs 9 Diamonds
Qc9h Queen Clubs 9 Hearts
Qc9s Queen Clubs 9 Spades
Qd9c Queen Diamonds 9 Clubs
Qd9h Queen Diamonds 9 Hearts
Qd9s Queen Diamonds 9 Spades
Qh9c Queen Hearts 9 Clubs
Qh9d Queen Hearts 9 Diamonds
Qh9s Queen Hearts 9 Spades
Qs9c Queen Spades 9 Clubs
Qs9d Queen Spades 9 Diamonds
Qs9h Queen Spades 9 Hearts
•Q8 (16)
Queen 8
Qc8c Queen Clubs, 8 Clubs
Qd8dQueen Diamonds, 8 Diamonds
Qh8h Queen Hearts, 8 Hearts
Qs8s Queen Spades, 8 Spades
Qc8d Queen Clubs 8 Diamonds
Qc8h Queen Clubs 8 Hearts
Qc8s Queen Clubs 8 Spades
Qd8c Queen Diamonds 8 Clubs
Qd8h Queen Diamonds 8 Hearts
Qd8s Queen Diamonds 8 Spades
Qh8c Queen Hearts 8 Clubs
Qh8d Queen Hearts 8 Diamonds
Qh8s Queen Hearts 8 Spades
Qs8c Queen Spades 8 Clubs
Qs8d Queen Spades 8 Diamonds
Qs8h Queen Spades 8 Hearts
•Q7 (16)
Queen 7 -'Computer Hand'
Qc7c Queen Clubs, 7 Clubs
Qd7dQueen Diamonds, 7 Diamonds
Qh7h Queen Hearts, 7 Hearts
Qs7s Queen Spades, 7 Spades
Qc7d Queen Clubs 7 Diamonds
Qc7h Queen Clubs 7 Hearts
Qc7s Queen Clubs 7 Spades
Qd7c Queen Diamonds 7 Clubs
Qd7h Queen Diamonds 7 Hearts
Qd7s Queen Diamonds 7 Spades
Qh7c Queen Hearts 7 Clubs
Qh7d Queen Hearts 7 Diamonds
Qh7s Queen Hearts 7 Spades
Qs7c Queen Spades 7 Clubs
Qs7d Queen Spades 7 Diamonds
Qs7h Queen Spades 7 Hearts

etc high 26%

•J6s (4)
Jack 6 suited
Jc6c Jack Clubs, 6 Clubs
Jd6dJack Diamonds, 6 Diamonds
Jh6h Jack Hearts, 6 Hearts
Js6s Jack Spades, 6 Spades
•J5s (4)
Jack 5 suited -'Motown'
Jc5c Jack Clubs, 5 Clubs
Jd5dJack Diamonds, 5 Diamonds
Jh5h Jack Hearts, 5 Hearts
Js5s Jack Spades, 5 Spades
•T6s (4)
Ten 6 suited
Tc6c Ten Clubs, 6 Clubs
Td6dTen Diamonds, 6 Diamonds
Th6h Ten Hearts, 6 Hearts
Ts6s Ten Spades, 6 Spades
•97s (4)
9 7 suited
9c7c 9 Clubs, 7 Clubs
9d7d9 Diamonds, 7 Diamonds
9h7h 9 Hearts, 7 Hearts
9s7s 9 Spades, 7 Spades
•96s (4)
9 6 suited -'Dinner for Two'
9c6c 9 Clubs, 6 Clubs
9d6d9 Diamonds, 6 Diamonds
9h6h 9 Hearts, 6 Hearts
9s6s 9 Spades, 6 Spades
•87s (4)
8 7 suited -'Redline'
8c7c 8 Clubs, 7 Clubs
8d7d8 Diamonds, 7 Diamonds
8h7h 8 Hearts, 7 Hearts
8s7s 8 Spades, 7 Spades
•86s (4)
8 6 suited
8c6c 8 Clubs, 6 Clubs
8d6d8 Diamonds, 6 Diamonds
8h6h 8 Hearts, 6 Hearts
8s6s 8 Spades, 6 Spades
•76s (4) *
7 6 suited
7c6c 7 Clubs, 6 Clubs
7d6d7 Diamonds, 6 Diamonds
7h6h 7 Hearts, 6 Hearts
7s6s 7 Spades, 6 Spades
•65s (4) *
6 5 suited
6c5c 6 Clubs, 5 Clubs
6d5d6 Diamonds, 5 Diamonds
6h5h 6 Hearts, 5 Hearts
6s5s 6 Spades, 5 Spades
•JT (16)
Jack Ten
JcTc Jack Clubs, Ten Clubs
JdTdJack Diamonds, Ten Diamonds
JhTh Jack Hearts, Ten Hearts
JsTs Jack Spades, Ten Spades
JcTd Jack Clubs Ten Diamonds
JcTh Jack Clubs Ten Hearts
JcTs Jack Clubs Ten Spades
JdTc Jack Diamonds Ten Clubs
JdTh Jack Diamonds Ten Hearts
JdTs Jack Diamonds Ten Spades
JhTc Jack Hearts Ten Clubs
JhTd Jack Hearts Ten Diamonds
JhTs Jack Hearts Ten Spades
JsTc Jack Spades Ten Clubs
JsTd Jack Spades Ten Diamonds
JsTh Jack Spades Ten Hearts
•J9 (16)
Jack 9
Jc9c Jack Clubs, 9 Clubs
Jd9dJack Diamonds, 9 Diamonds
Jh9h Jack Hearts, 9 Hearts
Js9s Jack Spades, 9 Spades
Jc9d Jack Clubs 9 Diamonds
Jc9h Jack Clubs 9 Hearts
Jc9s Jack Clubs 9 Spades
Jd9c Jack Diamonds 9 Clubs
Jd9h Jack Diamonds 9 Hearts
Jd9s Jack Diamonds 9 Spades
Jh9c Jack Hearts 9 Clubs
Jh9d Jack Hearts 9 Diamonds
Jh9s Jack Hearts 9 Spades
Js9c Jack Spades 9 Clubs
Js9d Jack Spades 9 Diamonds
Js9h Jack Spades 9 Hearts
•J8 (16)
Jack 8
Jc8c Jack Clubs, 8 Clubs
Jd8dJack Diamonds, 8 Diamonds
Jh8h Jack Hearts, 8 Hearts
Js8s Jack Spades, 8 Spades
Jc8d Jack Clubs 8 Diamonds
Jc8h Jack Clubs 8 Hearts
Jc8s Jack Clubs 8 Spades
Jd8c Jack Diamonds 8 Clubs
Jd8h Jack Diamonds 8 Hearts
Jd8s Jack Diamonds 8 Spades
Jh8c Jack Hearts 8 Clubs
Jh8d Jack Hearts 8 Diamonds
Jh8s Jack Hearts 8 Spades
Js8c Jack Spades 8 Clubs
Js8d Jack Spades 8 Diamonds
Js8h Jack Spades 8 Hearts
•J7 (16)
Jack 7
Jc7c Jack Clubs, 7 Clubs
Jd7dJack Diamonds, 7 Diamonds
Jh7h Jack Hearts, 7 Hearts
Js7s Jack Spades, 7 Spades
Jc7d Jack Clubs 7 Diamonds
Jc7h Jack Clubs 7 Hearts
Jc7s Jack Clubs 7 Spades
Jd7c Jack Diamonds 7 Clubs
Jd7h Jack Diamonds 7 Hearts
Jd7s Jack Diamonds 7 Spades
Jh7c Jack Hearts 7 Clubs
Jh7d Jack Hearts 7 Diamonds
Jh7s Jack Hearts 7 Spades
Js7c Jack Spades 7 Clubs
Js7d Jack Spades 7 Diamonds
Js7h Jack Spades 7 Hearts
•T9 (16)
Ten 9
Tc9c Ten Clubs, 9 Clubs
Td9dTen Diamonds, 9 Diamonds
Th9h Ten Hearts, 9 Hearts
Ts9s Ten Spades, 9 Spades
Tc9d Ten Clubs 9 Diamonds
Tc9h Ten Clubs 9 Hearts
Tc9s Ten Clubs 9 Spades
Td9c Ten Diamonds 9 Clubs
Td9h Ten Diamonds 9 Hearts
Td9s Ten Diamonds 9 Spades
Th9c Ten Hearts 9 Clubs
Th9d Ten Hearts 9 Diamonds
Th9s Ten Hearts 9 Spades
Ts9c Ten Spades 9 Clubs
Ts9d Ten Spades 9 Diamonds
Ts9h Ten Spades 9 Hearts
•T8 (16)
Ten 8
Tc8c Ten Clubs, 8 Clubs
Td8dTen Diamonds, 8 Diamonds
Th8h Ten Hearts, 8 Hearts
Ts8s Ten Spades, 8 Spades
Tc8d Ten Clubs 8 Diamonds
Tc8h Ten Clubs 8 Hearts
Tc8s Ten Clubs 8 Spades
Td8c Ten Diamonds 8 Clubs
Td8h Ten Diamonds 8 Hearts
Td8s Ten Diamonds 8 Spades
Th8c Ten Hearts 8 Clubs
Th8d Ten Hearts 8 Diamonds
Th8s Ten Hearts 8 Spades
Ts8c Ten Spades 8 Clubs
Ts8d Ten Spades 8 Diamonds
Ts8h Ten Spades 8 Hearts
•T7 (16)
Ten 7
Tc7c Ten Clubs, 7 Clubs
Td7dTen Diamonds, 7 Diamonds
Th7h Ten Hearts, 7 Hearts
Ts7s Ten Spades, 7 Spades
Tc7d Ten Clubs 7 Diamonds
Tc7h Ten Clubs 7 Hearts
Tc7s Ten Clubs 7 Spades
Td7c Ten Diamonds 7 Clubs
Td7h Ten Diamonds 7 Hearts
Td7s Ten Diamonds 7 Spades
Th7c Ten Hearts 7 Clubs
Th7d Ten Hearts 7 Diamonds
Th7s Ten Hearts 7 Spades
Ts7c Ten Spades 7 Clubs
Ts7d Ten Spades 7 Diamonds
Ts7h Ten Spades 7 Hearts
•98 (16)
9 8
9c8c 9 Clubs, 8 Clubs
9d8d9 Diamonds, 8 Diamonds
9h8h 9 Hearts, 8 Hearts
9s8s 9 Spades, 8 Spades
9c8d 9 Clubs 8 Diamonds
9c8h 9 Clubs 8 Hearts
9c8s 9 Clubs 8 Spades
9d8c 9 Diamonds 8 Clubs
9d8h 9 Diamonds 8 Hearts
9d8s 9 Diamonds 8 Spades
9h8c 9 Hearts 8 Clubs
9h8d 9 Hearts 8 Diamonds
9h8s 9 Hearts 8 Spades
9s8c 9 Spades 8 Clubs
9s8d 9 Spades 8 Diamonds
9s8h 9 Spades 8 Hearts

One pair

Over pair 0%

•AA (6)
Ace Ace -'Bullets'
AcAd Ace Clubs Ace Diamonds
AcAh Ace Clubs Ace Hearts
AcAs Ace Clubs Ace Spades
AdAh Ace Diamonds Ace Hearts
AdAs Ace Diamonds Ace Spades
AhAs Ace Hearts Ace Spades

Top pair 18%

~AK (12)
Ace King -'Big Slick'
AcKc Ace Clubs King Clubs
AdKd Ace Diamonds King Diamonds
AsKs Ace Spades King Spades
AcKd Ace Clubs King Diamonds
AcKs Ace Clubs King Spades
AdKc Ace Diamonds King Clubs
AdKs Ace Diamonds King Spades
AhKc Ace Hearts King Clubs
AhKd Ace Hearts King Diamonds
AhKs Ace Hearts King Spades
AsKc Ace Spades King Clubs
AsKd Ace Spades King Diamonds
~KQ (12)
King Queen -'Marraige'
KcQc King Clubs Queen Clubs
KdQd King Diamonds Queen Diamonds
KsQs King Spades Queen Spades
KcQd King Clubs Queen Diamonds
KcQh King Clubs Queen Hearts
KcQs King Clubs Queen Spades
KdQc King Diamonds Queen Clubs
KdQh King Diamonds Queen Hearts
KdQs King Diamonds Queen Spades
KsQc King Spades Queen Clubs
KsQd King Spades Queen Diamonds
KsQh King Spades Queen Hearts
~KJ (12)
King Jack -'King John'
KcJc King Clubs Jack Clubs
KdJd King Diamonds Jack Diamonds
KsJs King Spades Jack Spades
KcJd King Clubs Jack Diamonds
KcJh King Clubs Jack Hearts
KcJs King Clubs Jack Spades
KdJc King Diamonds Jack Clubs
KdJh King Diamonds Jack Hearts
KdJs King Diamonds Jack Spades
KsJc King Spades Jack Clubs
KsJd King Spades Jack Diamonds
KsJh King Spades Jack Hearts
~KT (12)
King Ten
KcTc King Clubs Ten Clubs
KdTd King Diamonds Ten Diamonds
KsTs King Spades Ten Spades
KcTd King Clubs Ten Diamonds
KcTh King Clubs Ten Hearts
KcTs King Clubs Ten Spades
KdTc King Diamonds Ten Clubs
KdTh King Diamonds Ten Hearts
KdTs King Diamonds Ten Spades
KsTc King Spades Ten Clubs
KsTd King Spades Ten Diamonds
KsTh King Spades Ten Hearts
~K9 (12)
King 9 -'Fido'
Kc9c King Clubs 9 Clubs
Kd9d King Diamonds 9 Diamonds
Ks9s King Spades 9 Spades
Kc9d King Clubs 9 Diamonds
Kc9h King Clubs 9 Hearts
Kc9s King Clubs 9 Spades
Kd9c King Diamonds 9 Clubs
Kd9h King Diamonds 9 Hearts
Kd9s King Diamonds 9 Spades
Ks9c King Spades 9 Clubs
Ks9d King Spades 9 Diamonds
Ks9h King Spades 9 Hearts
~K8 (12)
King 8
Kc8c King Clubs 8 Clubs
Kd8d King Diamonds 8 Diamonds
Ks8s King Spades 8 Spades
Kc8d King Clubs 8 Diamonds
Kc8h King Clubs 8 Hearts
Kc8s King Clubs 8 Spades
Kd8c King Diamonds 8 Clubs
Kd8h King Diamonds 8 Hearts
Kd8s King Diamonds 8 Spades
Ks8c King Spades 8 Clubs
Ks8d King Spades 8 Diamonds
Ks8h King Spades 8 Hearts
~K7 (12)
King 7
Kc7c King Clubs 7 Clubs
Kd7d King Diamonds 7 Diamonds
Ks7s King Spades 7 Spades
Kc7d King Clubs 7 Diamonds
Kc7h King Clubs 7 Hearts
Kc7s King Clubs 7 Spades
Kd7c King Diamonds 7 Clubs
Kd7h King Diamonds 7 Hearts
Kd7s King Diamonds 7 Spades
Ks7c King Spades 7 Clubs
Ks7d King Spades 7 Diamonds
Ks7h King Spades 7 Hearts
~K6 (12)
King 6
Kc6c King Clubs 6 Clubs
Kd6d King Diamonds 6 Diamonds
Ks6s King Spades 6 Spades
Kc6d King Clubs 6 Diamonds
Kc6h King Clubs 6 Hearts
Kc6s King Clubs 6 Spades
Kd6c King Diamonds 6 Clubs
Kd6h King Diamonds 6 Hearts
Kd6s King Diamonds 6 Spades
Ks6c King Spades 6 Clubs
Ks6d King Spades 6 Diamonds
Ks6h King Spades 6 Hearts
~K5 (12)
King 5
Kc5c King Clubs 5 Clubs
Kd5d King Diamonds 5 Diamonds
Ks5s King Spades 5 Spades
Kc5d King Clubs 5 Diamonds
Kc5h King Clubs 5 Hearts
Kc5s King Clubs 5 Spades
Kd5c King Diamonds 5 Clubs
Kd5h King Diamonds 5 Hearts
Kd5s King Diamonds 5 Spades
Ks5c King Spades 5 Clubs
Ks5d King Spades 5 Diamonds
Ks5h King Spades 5 Hearts
~K2 (3)
King 2
Kc2c King Clubs 2 Clubs
Kd2d King Diamonds 2 Diamonds
Ks2s King Spades 2 Spades

~ pair 7%

•QQ (6)
Queen Queen -'Double date'
QcQd Queen Clubs Queen Diamonds
QcQh Queen Clubs Queen Hearts
QcQs Queen Clubs Queen Spades
QdQh Queen Diamonds Queen Hearts
QdQs Queen Diamonds Queen Spades
QhQs Queen Hearts Queen Spades
•JJ (6)
Jack Jack -'Fish Hooks'
JcJd Jack Clubs Jack Diamonds
JcJh Jack Clubs Jack Hearts
JcJs Jack Clubs Jack Spades
JdJh Jack Diamonds Jack Hearts
JdJs Jack Diamonds Jack Spades
JhJs Jack Hearts Jack Spades
•TT (6)
Ten Ten -'Dimes'
TcTd Ten Clubs Ten Diamonds
TcTh Ten Clubs Ten Hearts
TcTs Ten Clubs Ten Spades
TdTh Ten Diamonds Ten Hearts
TdTs Ten Diamonds Ten Spades
ThTs Ten Hearts Ten Spades
•99 (6)
9 9 -'Phil Hellmuth'
9c9d 9 Clubs 9 Diamonds
9c9h 9 Clubs 9 Hearts
9c9s 9 Clubs 9 Spades
9d9h 9 Diamonds 9 Hearts
9d9s 9 Diamonds 9 Spades
9h9s 9 Hearts 9 Spades
•88 (6)
8 8 -'Dawg Balls'
8c8d 8 Clubs 8 Diamonds
8c8h 8 Clubs 8 Hearts
8c8s 8 Clubs 8 Spades
8d8h 8 Diamonds 8 Hearts
8d8s 8 Diamonds 8 Spades
8h8s 8 Hearts 8 Spades
•77 (6)
7 7 -'Saturn'
7c7d 7 Clubs 7 Diamonds
7c7h 7 Clubs 7 Hearts
7c7s 7 Clubs 7 Spades
7d7h 7 Diamonds 7 Hearts
7d7s 7 Diamonds 7 Spades
7h7s 7 Hearts 7 Spades
•66 (6)
6 6 -'Boots'
6c6d 6 Clubs 6 Diamonds
6c6h 6 Clubs 6 Hearts
6c6s 6 Clubs 6 Spades
6d6h 6 Diamonds 6 Hearts
6d6s 6 Diamonds 6 Spades
6h6s 6 Hearts 6 Spades
•55 (6)
5 5 -'Speed Limit'
5c5d 5 Clubs 5 Diamonds
5c5h 5 Clubs 5 Hearts
5c5s 5 Clubs 5 Spades
5d5h 5 Diamonds 5 Hearts
5d5s 5 Diamonds 5 Spades
5h5s 5 Hearts 5 Spades

Middle pair 2%

~A4 (12)
Ace 4
Ac4c Ace Clubs 4 Clubs
Ah4h Ace Hearts 4 Hearts
As4s Ace Spades 4 Spades
Ac4h Ace Clubs 4 Hearts
Ac4s Ace Clubs 4 Spades
Ad4c Ace Diamonds 4 Clubs
Ad4h Ace Diamonds 4 Hearts
Ad4s Ace Diamonds 4 Spades
Ah4c Ace Hearts 4 Clubs
Ah4s Ace Hearts 4 Spades
As4c Ace Spades 4 Clubs
As4h Ace Spades 4 Hearts
~Q4 (3)
Queen 4
Qc4c Queen Clubs 4 Clubs
Qh4h Queen Hearts 4 Hearts
Qs4s Queen Spades 4 Spades
~J4 (3)
Jack 4 -'Flat Tyre'
Jc4c Jack Clubs 4 Clubs
Jh4h Jack Hearts 4 Hearts
Js4s Jack Spades 4 Spades

Bottom pair 2%

~A3 (12)
Ace 3
Ad3d Ace Diamonds 3 Diamonds
Ah3h Ace Hearts 3 Hearts
As3s Ace Spades 3 Spades
Ac3d Ace Clubs 3 Diamonds
Ac3h Ace Clubs 3 Hearts
Ac3s Ace Clubs 3 Spades
Ad3h Ace Diamonds 3 Hearts
Ad3s Ace Diamonds 3 Spades
Ah3d Ace Hearts 3 Diamonds
Ah3s Ace Hearts 3 Spades
As3d Ace Spades 3 Diamonds
As3h Ace Spades 3 Hearts
~Q3 (3)
Queen 3
Qd3d Queen Diamonds 3 Diamonds
Qh3h Queen Hearts 3 Hearts
Qs3s Queen Spades 3 Spades

Two pair

Top-Middle own Two pair 0%

~K4 (2)
King 4
Kc4c King Clubs 4 Clubs
Ks4s King Spades 4 Spades

Top-Bottom own 2 pair 0%

~K3 (2)
King 3
Kd3d King Diamonds 3 Diamonds
Ks3s King Spades 3 Spades

eight outs or better draw

Open ended straight draw 0%

•65s (4)
6 5 suited
6c5c 6 Clubs, 5 Clubs
6d5d6 Diamonds, 5 Diamonds
6h5h 6 Hearts, 5 Hearts
6s5s 6 Spades, 5 Spades


Top Set 0%

~KK (3)
King King -'Kangaroos'
KcKd King Clubs King Diamonds
KcKs King Clubs King Spades
KdKs King Diamonds King Spades

Middle Set 0%

~44 (3)
4 4 -'Magnum'
4c4h 4 Clubs 4 Hearts
4c4s 4 Clubs 4 Spades
4h4s 4 Hearts 4 Spades

Bottom Set 0%

~33 (3)
3 3 -'Crabs'
3d3h 3 Diamonds 3 Hearts
3d3s 3 Diamonds 3 Spades
3h3s 3 Hearts 3 Spades

Poker flop board classification

Player's hand range: 50%

Other hand-ranges for 3 Clubs 4 Diamonds King Hearts

10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%

3 4 King flop board index

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