Free Poker Software Philosophy

Before Poker Potjie was concieved, a classic tool named Poker Stove had become a favourite among online poker pros.
The godfather of Poker Potjie, andvanwyk approached me and asked me to write this software for him.
He wanted to do more than just calculate equity. He used to spend 20-30 minutes working out opponent hand ranges on paper. Poker Potjie now achieves this with the click of a button.

We knew Poker Potjie was a major breakthrough in Poker Calculator Software.

When we were going to sell Poker Potjie it was difficult to put a price on it.
The casual poker player may just want to play around with it as they experiment in poker. Other players with more serious ambitions of advancing their game can really realize a significant benefit from Poker Potjie.

We encourage an environment of interaction between users and developers of the Poker Potjie software and website. Let us know what you think, what features you want and any ideas you have.

This is why we prefer to treat every user with respect. You can try our software for free, and if you find it useful/helpful/improves your game, you're encouraged to donate an amount of which is suitable for you and the value which Poker Potjie given you.

If you have contributed to Poker Potjie, thank you!

For the rest of you... How much is our Poker Software project worth to you? Is the joy and convenience worth $1, $5, $100? Here is our challenge to those of you who have not contributed. How about just contributing one dollar to our efforts. If just a small fraction of our user base contributed one dollar to our fund raising efforts we would have enough to work on Poker Potjie full time. And then imagine what could happen to this software and website! So, how about being part of that small fraction? Your return on investment will be very high.

Other ways you can contribute

We are giving away Poker Potjie for free in hopes of increasing hits on our site, encouraging interest in Poker Potjie and improving poker skill and strategy.

Please tell your friends about us and claim the bonuses on the poker sites that we link to. You get an awesome cash injection into your poker bankroll, and it can help to support our site and support our efforts for providing a better service to you.

If you're a highly experienced poker player and feel you could contribute to the written material on the site, let us know.

If we help improve the profitability of your style, please make a donation, the amount is entirely up to you.


Thanks for your support!
The Poker Potjie Team