Free Poker Software Calculator inspired by Poker Stove, designed for Online Poker Games

Poker Potjie is a free texas hold em poker software calculator designed for analysing situations in online poker games. Poker Potjie is specialised poker software which has been designed from the ground up by professional online poker players who found a gap in the poker software market.
Previously we had to work out poker opponent hand ranges manually and tediously to determine what parts of the board hit their range, and how often, in order to determine the most +EV plays; for example, where to bluff, and where not to bluff.

Poker Potjie fills that void and to ultimately give you an advantage against your opponents. In texas hold em poker, information is power.
Win or loose, successful internet poker players know that making the most +EV play is most important part of their long term success.

Name and pronounciation:

Potjie is a South African word, (poy-kee) directly translated "Small Pot". They are usually large, made of cast iron and used for cooking food over a wood burning fire.

Free Poker Odds and Hand Range Software Calculator

Poker Potjie is much more than just a free odds calculator. It efficiently shows you your equity against opponent's hand ranges as well as provides insight into what they are likely to be holding, helping you to really sharpen up your game.

Poker Potjie is free software in terms of its license.

Poker Potjie aims to maximize your expected value with these unique features:

  • Opponent hand range calculation
  • Custom Hand Range Specification
  • Fast and intuitive point and click interface
  • Advanced Hand Range functionality (for balanced hand ranges)
  • Opponent Profiles, quickly access the information you need
  • Well laid out expanding/contracting tree of possible opponent hands
  • Asterisks indicate hands which are also strong drawing hands
  • Intuitive icons for ease of use (optional)
  • Win/Loose/Tie Icons next to all opponents hands (optional)
  • Quickly narrow opponent's range through each round of betting
  • Share your analysis with your mentors to discuss the most +EV play
  • Alternate Colour Scheme
  • Display hands in verbose or simplified mode
  • Poker Equity Calculator for Pre-Flop, Flop, Turn, River
  • Instant poker equity calculator updates pre-flop: As you move the Opponent Range Slider or make any advanced range adjustments

Gain insight on which strategy to use with different types of poker players, depending on the board. For example, the times when they are unlikely to have hit anything can be great spots to bluff.

Become the best poker player you can be by having a logical reason behind every play you make.

Good Luck! ;)

Best Regards
The Poker Potjie Team

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