Poker Stove vs Poker Potjie - A comparison

Because Poker Potjie's creation was inspired by Poker Stove, we created this page to tell newcomers a bit about Poker Stove, and the differences between Poker Stove and Poker Potjie.

Poker Stove

Poker Stove is a great application. Infact its legendary.
Poker Stove is an odds (equity) calculator program which allows you to select poker hands for yourself and your opponents, and allows you to select the flop/turn/river cards to calculate the equity for yourself and your opponents.

Poker Stove was the first freely available program of its kind that we know of, and it really elevated the game of poker to a new level. Poker Stove has been around for a few years and has helped so many players improve their game.

You can learn how to use poker stove within just a few minutes, but its usefulness will probably extend for years to come, and even then, it will always have its place in poker history.

Poker Stove usage example compared to Poker Potjie

To demonstrate Poker Potjie's ease of use, we compare it to Poker Stove.
Lets say we want to determine our odds of winning an all-in with Suited Big Slick of Diamonds (AdKd) against different opponent hand ranges.

Poker Software Betting Round Actions Required Information available besides odds (equity)
Poker Stove Preflop Click Player 2, Select the preflop tab, Slide the bar, Press OK, Click 'Evaluate' N/A
Poker Potjie Preflop Slide the opponent hand-range bar High Cards & Pairs, probability
Poker Stove Flop Click Player 2, Select the preflop tab, Slide the bar, Press OK, Click 'Evaluate' N/A
Poker Potjie Flop Slide the opponent hand-range bar, Click 'Calc Equity' All possible hands, probability

Free Poker Software

Poker Stove and Poker Potjie may be considered free poker software, meaning that they are free to download and free to use.

Poker Stove's use to poker players

Although Poker Potjie may become a favourite tool of many players who used Poker Stove exclusively in the past, poker stove still serves an important purpose in a professional poker player's arsenal of tools.

Poker Potjie is more user friendly and provides a myriad of information which Poker Stove was simply not designed to provide. That said, Poker Stove allows you to perform odds (equity) calculations against multiple opponents at the same time, which Poker Potjie was not designed to do.

Professional poker players tend to be aggressive, raising often to isolate a single player. This makes odds calculations against multiple opponents unnecessary. Aside from that, odds of winning (equity) assumes all players are going to show down. If you're betting, there is a chance of each opponent folding, which is not considered in equity calculations.
What I'm saying is, equity is not the 'be all' and the 'end all' (an english expression). The more players factored into an equity calculation, the less equity means. Unless ofcourse you have enough equity to just go all in, but thats kind of obvious anyway.

You can use Poker Potjie for 'cooking' against multiple opponents. For example, if you're on the flop with 3 opponents and you're considering stealing the pot with a raise, and you want to know how likely it is that one of them have hit the flop, you can just select the player with the largest (most loose) range in Poker Potjie as the 'opponent hand range'.

In conclusion, each program excels in different areas so you should keep both at hand. (excuse the pun)

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