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This poker site provides information on all different types of poker flops, with the aim of understanding poker flop textures better.
In Poker, Knowledge is Power.

This online poker flop information site has been created as a convenient way for you to learn about poker flops on our website. We recommend you check out our Free Poker Software. Poker potjie can be downloaded here.

More information on understanding poker flop textures.

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By understanding poker flop textures better you will become skillful enough to put your opponents and other poker players on hands during the game, which allows you to adjust your strategy and stay a few steps ahead of the other players.

Understanding poker hand ranges

Poker hand ranges are a way of describing how tight or loose a poker player is.
If a poker player plays every card he gets dealt, he is known as a loose player and will have a 100% hand range. If he plays 10% of the poker hands he is dealt, he is known as a tight player and has a 10% hand range.
Players have different hand ranges based on different situations. If a player only needs to call the blinds or a small bet he will be more eager to enter the flop with a weak hand than if someone has made a big bet. Once you have observed a poker player for a while you will get to know how often he calls raised pots pre-flop. Therefore you can decide what your opponent's hand range should be based on the situation.
Once you know a poker player's hand range, the cards they will enter flops with can be approximated (using Poker Potjie) and you can see what type of hand they are likely to be holding.

Applying what you have learned from Poker Potjie

Once you have this information its pretty easy to choose when to hold'em and when to fold'em. I had to say that :)
You can find the best times to bluff opponents. When your opponent is likely to be on a straight draw or flush draw, you can bet enough to make their draw unprofitable while getting maximum value (+EV) for your hand. There are so many situations where this information can help you make more profitable decisions.

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