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If you are serious about making money with online poker, you have come to the right website. With the help of the information and tools we provide you will take your poker mind to the next level. Your thinking and understanding of the game will rise above most poker players.
When most poker players think about characteristics like: passive, agressive, tight, loose, and they see a few cards dealt they have little clue what it actually means or insight into whats going on with their opponents.
This site is here to change that for those who are serious about making money in online poker.

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Poker Potjie is constantly evolving. We are continually improving the site and information. Please give us feedback about your experience with our site and software, it is valuable to us. If you feel you could contribute to the online poker guide's written material, send us an email.

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As this site becomes more successful we can devote more time to the written material, upgrading Poker Potjie with new features, providing new online tools and generally improving the quality of information and software we provide for you.
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Poker Potjie free online poker software

Poker Potjie is free software designed by full time professional online poker players to help you maximize your expected value.

While using poker stove and various other free poker software calculators, the idea was formed for developing an easier, more advanced, and free poker game calculator. The free texas hold em poker software calculator known as Poker Potjie was born!

This free poker software allows you to analyze your poker villains, game situations, and board textures. All winning players know that profitable poker strategy is about adjusting your strategy to your opponents.

Once you really start to play your opponents and not the poker cards, understanding player types and hand ranges becomes an important step in improving your profitable style.

Whether you're playing online poker or live poker, cash games or tournaments... Poker Potjie helps you learn the poker odds in different situations and learn which hand ranges hit different types of board textures.

It is extremely useful to learn/understand the hand ranges of different types of poker players, allowing you to make many successful & profitable bluffs, rather than having random success/failure and having your bluffs busted all the time.

Always keep your game two steps ahead with Free Poker Potjie Odds and Hand Range Calculator Software!

We are also providing a great Free online poker game tutorials for:

  • Beginner Poker Players who want to Learn the Poker Rules and learn how to play texas hold em poker.
  • Beginner Poker Players who want to learn some basic Poker Strategy and begin playing at an online poker site.
  • Intermediate Poker Players who are looking to increase their profitability at the poker table and make the most of every poker chip and cards they play.
    This section deals with poker odds, equity, bluffs, tells, tilt, gambling, bankroll management (money), tips and a lot more.
  • Advanced Poker Strategy, Understanding, and techniques
  • Poker Acronym information
  • Poker Slang and Poker Lingo definitions
  • Poker Player Types
  • Online Poker Sites with great bonuses
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