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Dealer Position

In Texas Hold’em, as in most poker games, the dealer holds the best position for executing effective poker strategy. He can watch how the other poker players are playing their hands, and has the final say after all the other players have laid their poker bets. (During the betting rounds on the flop, turn and [...]


Out of Position is a term used to describe the situation in a hand of poker when you act before the player you are currently focused on.
“I had x, normally I would have bet, but I was out of position and…”

Late Position

Late position in a poker table
When you are in “Late position” (LP) at a poker table during a hand, it generally means you are the hijack (HJ), cut off (CO) or the dealer. Your action (your turn) comes after a significant number of players at the table.
‘Late Position’ advantage in texas hold’em poker
The best strategic [...]

Middle Position

When you are in “Middle position” (MP) at a poker table during a hand, it generally means your action (your turn) comes between the first and last people to act. For example, in a 6 player game you could say middle position is after under the gun (UTG) and before the cut off (CO).
Side Note:
There [...]

Early Position

When you are in “Early position” at a poker table in a hand, it means you are the small blind, big blind or under the gun. You action (or turn) comes before a significant number of players at the table.
Side Note:
There is no fixed definition, any position before the cut off or the button could [...]

Poker Table Position or Seat

When players refer to a position at a poker table, they are usually referring to their position relative to the dealer button, rather than a physical seat.
Because the dealer button moves around the table after each hand, the physical seat you choose at a table depends only on the type of players seated at the [...]


In Position. A poker player “in position” acts after a player or group of players that they are focused on.


Under the Gun is an early poker table position/seat.

Under the Gun

Under the Gun is a name for a position on a poker table.
Under the Gun is the first person after the Big Blind.
Under the Gun acts first preflop, and 3rd on the flop or after the flop.
Under the gun is a position which experienced players usually play very tightly from, meaning that they only see [...]

Blinds - Small Blind, Big Blind

Reason for Poker Blinds
In order to make sure there is some action on the pot in each hand in Texas Hold’em there is an initial bet into the pot before any playing cards have been dealt by the small blind and the big blind.
Table Position of the Blinds:
The two players to the left of the [...]

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