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Posted on | September 19, 2008 |

Poker Help: Leak

A leak is a weakness in your poker game, or a consistent problem with your poker strategy. Especially in online poker having a leak can really hurt your chip count. Good examples of leaks would be betting too heavily on inside straight draws, or playing extremely aggressively when one gets a pocket pair. You should work to repair any leaks in your game, they can cost you valuable chips.

Finding Leaks in your poker game

You can find leaks in your poker game skills by going through your hand histories after a session and rethinking the poker hand, from beginning to end, to decide if you really made the right decisions. It helps to have an experienced poker player mentor you can talk to and ask for tips.

A good place to start when looking at your poker hand histories is to look at the ‘biggest poker hands’, meaning the hands you lost the most, and the hands you won the most. Bad decisions cost money, and sometimes bad decisions make you a lot of money when you get lucky, so never assume what you won or lost in one hand was because of your skill, or because you were unlucky.

You can always improve on your poker game by learning from your mistakes, and you always learn something when you go through your poker hand histories. I highly recommend it!


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