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Late Position

Posted on | September 3, 2008 |

Late position in a poker table

When you are in “Late position” (LP) at a poker table during a hand, it generally means you are the hijack (HJ), cut off (CO) or the dealer. Your action (your turn) comes after a significant number of players at the table.

‘Late Position’ advantage in texas hold’em poker

The best strategic positions in Texas Hold’em are those held by the players just prior to the dealer and the dealer. Each of these players have the greatest flexibility in implementing their poker strategy because they have seen all the betting patterns of every other player before them in the current hand. Consequently, they are able to play the widest hand range from these table positions.

Late position poker strategy

You should play more hands from late positions than early positions. Your money is less at risk in late positions. You have more information and your decision making ability is improved. This translates to smaller losses and bigger profits. Overall more profitable play. (+EV)

Knowledge of the power of positions at the poker table can also be used to weigh up your opponents. Poker players who understand the advantage of late position will be playing more cards from these positions than from early positions. This is an easy indicator of a poker player’s skill or understanding of the game.

Side Note:
There is no fixed definition, any position after middle position (MP) could arguably be called a late position, it depends who you talk to.


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