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Posted on | September 19, 2008 |

Poker Help: Donkey

A poker term for an extraordinarily bad card player. Somebody who makes extremely bad or thick headed poker plays. Often times a donkey is the player at the card table with the shortest stack.

General Behaviors of a donkey

There are different levels of donks. The following are common “strategies” of donks.

  • Only looking at their own poker hand and the board cards and they making their decisions based only on that
  • Cant let a decent hand go, nomatter what the circumstances are.
  • Passive donks play aggressively when they have something
  • Bluffing because they are angry or for their ego
  • Some donks become calling stations when someone is playing like a maniac to try keep them honest
  • Calling all the way to the showdown because they’re already in the hand
  • Calling big raises with relatively little chance of winning


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