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Posted on | September 19, 2008 |

Poker Help: Bot

This is a term which is poker slang for a “robot.” In the online poker world, robots are computer programs that play poker online automatically as if they were a poker player. They play poker without any help from humans. Poker robots are considered illegal by most online poker website, and their presence should be reported to the web site manager when encountered.

It is hard to determine if someone is really a bot. A lot of poker players play on many poker tables at once and have their poker chat window switched off. So its not reasonable to assume someone is a bot just because they play a certain way, and they don’t respond when you speak to them.
One semi reasonable way to determine if a poker player is really a bot is if you either find their weakness and exploit them over and over again until you have taken all of their money. (and in that case you probably wouldn’t want to report them :)
And ofcourse the most reliable way is if they play for periods of time that are not humanly possible… for days on end. But then again, they might be korean gamers.

Poker bots are highly controversial

Poker sites tell their customers that they don’t allow poker bots and they have these big “secret” teams that monitor for poker bots in order to comfort the poker players who are nervous about poker bots.
However a lot of experienced poker players are seen commenting on articles about poker bots that they would gladly play against a poker bot.

A poker bot is really playing a poker strategy designed by a human being. Even considering that makes them less scary. Then the fact that 99% of poker bots will be very monotonous in their poker strategy and behavior. And rest assured even if you do encounter a poker bot, the chance that they will be able to learn from their mistakes and actually understand whats going on is one in a billion.
Artificial Intelligence is simply not that far advanced. If it was we would just speak to our computers and tell them what to do instead of hacking away for hours at technical things.

Personally, I’m no more concerned about meeting a poker bot than any other new poker player online, actually I’m less concerned because players can learn, have intelligence and the ability to understand new things… bots don’t.


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